Reader's Handbook: A Student Guide for Reading and Learning

The Reader's Handbook is a friendly, accessible reference volume that helps students break down and decode reading material. It demonstrates strategies to approach tests, poetry, researching on the internet, improving vocabulary, and much more. The whimsical, witty illustrations urge students to rethink reading; to come at it from a different, more helpful angle.

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Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing

The Daybooks build reading skills through brief, interactive lessons. Provided writing spaces invite students to respond to the reading as they go along. An environment of lively photographs and textures that relate to the readings and activities draw the student in, creating an intimate learning experience. The book eventually grows into a real-life journal of insights.


Content Essentials Science

McGraw-Hill's Content Essentials for Science was designed to build and strengthen science concepts for grades K–6, This series combines standards-based science content and nonfiction literacy instruction. Appropriate for any science and language arts curricula, the program is effective with ELL and at-risk students.

Content Essentials


Reading and Writing Sourcebook are workbooks designed to assist struggling readers and engage the students to become involved in the actual stories, as well as excite and enthuse them to respond and write their own. Our intent was to create easy-to-read text and provide space for writing assignments that did not intimidate the students. This was accomplished through the selection of fonts, layout and color. The illustrations help depict the story line while clean layouts and hip fonts create a fresh rhythm and energy. Overall these student workbooks makes reading and writing fun.


Minis: Science, Reading, and Math

These interactive lessons engage students with activities that appeal to all learning styles. The activities offer in-depth examples and practice problems to build procedural, application, and critical-thinking skills and proficiency. Each lesson also integrates formative assessment through learner response system voting. Incorporated Teacher’s Guide PDFs explain complex problems and illustrate how to maximize the full potential of lessons.


National Geographic Society

Developed for National Geographic, this series is an interactive, digital edition of the Young Explorer, Pioneer, Pathfinder, and Extreme Explorer magazines.

National Geographic Society

Associated Press and Green Light Learning Tools

The Associated Press and Green Light Learning Tools collaborated to create a fully interactive overview of space exploration. Available on the Apple iBookstore and the Amazon Appstore, this engaging product features video footage, as well as interactive timelines, diagrams, quizzes, and slideshows.>

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ACCESS for English Language Learners

This program provides English Language Learners entrance into their school subjects as they develop language proficiency. We carefully managed the art-selection process so that students could connect visually with the key concepts and translate these complex ideas into their new language. Each lesson presents a Big Idea and uses easily managed bites of text, visual aids and graphic organizers to present solid information with minimum English. Use of color and type treatment reinforces vocabulary and grammar.

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